Dear Miss Hillard,

Hi, my name is Addie. I saw your site and I knew I needed to contact you. I am 17 and am in High School. Recently, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with friends. All of my friends have changed since I knew them for the past 3 years and I don’t feel happy being around them anymore. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great people I just don’t know what to do. Should I move on or just stay with who I am comfortable?

Thanks for the help,


Dear Addie,

Finding and keeping good friends might be one of the hardest things to do in life. Not only do your friends change but so do you. Friends have such a HUGE impact on our lives and who we become. That is why it’s so important to think wisely and to spend time with who will impact you in positive ways. So, if you are feeling unhappy with your friends then you probably are. Duh right? Wrong. For many people, coming to this realization scares them. Our friends become our identity so easily. Without them, you may feel so alone or not yourself. That is why when we realize that we may be moving on from them, no one wants to accept this fact because it may mean not having friends. But, this is wrong. So, my first tip to you is realizing that your are unhappy with the current people you surround yourself with.

Now, realizing this does not mean immediately ditching your friends and never talking to them again. In fact, that will probably do more harm than good. What I suggest doing is branching out. Often, when we have a tight circle of people we are comfortable with, we block out other people that may be potential friends. Don’t do this. Maybe try talking to your classmate in the seat next to you. Or, ask a teammate about their day. Moving on does not mean ditching but instead gradually going separate ways.

Lastly, know your priorities. Sometimes if we truly are unhappy with our friends it’s not because we’re moving on but that you want something better. Longing for something better is definitely not the same as moving on. For example, in 6th grade I had an amazing group of friends until I desired to become popular. I convinced myself that I was unhappy and ditched them for the popular group of girls which I was accepted into. I was happy for a few weeks until I realized what I had gotten myself into. They weren’t true friends and they didn’t care about me except for what I was wearing that day. I quickly became unhappy again and wanted my old friends back. But, because I had ditched them for better people it was very hard to get accepted again. Knowing the root cause of why you are becoming unhappy with your friends will help you in the long run. If it is because of popularity, know that in a few years, none of that will matter.

I know I know it sounds cliche but although many of your friends will disappoint throughout the years, there is one true friend that will never leave or move on from us, even when we want to move on from him. God. I really encourage you to remember this throughout all the crazy pointless friend drama or experiences. Our one true friend will never leave or forsake us and that is something that is irreplaceable.

I hope you all have a great week and I hope that this really made you think about some of the people that you have chose to surround yourself with. Remember, I would love to talk to you about anything! Dms, comments, anything. And definitely don’t forget to follow the Ask Miss Hillard Instagram!


Miss Hillard

P. S. I really hope y’all got that gossip girl reference 😉

A friend loves at all times

Proverbs 17:17


Top 5 Travel Tips

Today is my last day in the warm weather that Florida has to offer before I get hauled back to freezing cold temperatures to continue my daily routine. To say the least, I am not looking forward to it. I have learned some great tips to have an awesome vacation and I wanted to share them with you.

Tip #1- Music

If I go on vacation there is one thing that I cannot live without and that is music. I love listening to some of my favorite songs while looking out the window pretending like I’m in a music video. Does anyone else do that or is it just me? Anyways, go download some of your favorite songs and always have a pair of headphones with you at all times. Some of my favorites are:

Ocean eyes- Billie Eilish

Malibu- Miley Cyrus

Theee white horses- Andrew Bird

To build a home- The Cinematic Orchestra

Anything Ed Sheeran

Tip #2- Camera

This one is not as obvious as it seems. Yes, you should always have your phone to take pictures with. However, I suggest you bring another camera other than just your phone. Often, I will take my Polaroid camera because I am able to get awesome pictures that I don’t normally get to take on my phone. Having a polaroid picture or just a different form of a camera can make looking for beautiful things to take pictures of more interesting rather than just pointing your phone and shooting.

Tip #3- Relax and Reflect

Duh, you’re supposed to relax on vacation that’s why you take one anyways. But I suggest taking deliberate time out of your day to maybe walk by yourself or go sit by the ocean and have time to think. Vacations are so nice because they make all of your problems seem so small. So, take time by yourself to reflect on what you are doing with your life or how you can become a better person. Take time for yourself to be able to think and process. Sometimes people can get so wrapped up in the daily spinning circle of your life that you are not able to just sit and think. Use vacation time to do this.

Tip #4- Wake Up Early

Yes, I said that, wake up early. You will be able to see things that all the people in bed won’t be able to. You will also have longer hours in the day which makes your day longer and who doesn’t want to have a longer day during vacation? Personally, I would pull an all nighter just to see the sun rise.

Tip #5- Connect With God

Vacations let you take a break from normal but sooner or later, you will be there again. Take vacation times to see the beauty and glory in Gods nature. Try taking time to read your bible and figuring out how you are going to do better at living and loving those around you.

Enjoy your vacation and seeing all the world has to offer, big or small. Have a great week:)


Miss. H

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Dear Miss Hillard

Dear Miss Hillard,

Going into the new year, what is the most important lesson that you learned in 2017 that you think will affect your future? I love what your doing with this blog💗



Dear B,

Wow, this question got me thinking. Those are the best kinds after all. Staring at this blank screen for an hour writing only to delete when suddenly it hit me like a truck.

2017 had been bad I’m not going to lie. The year started off great but went down on a long, fast slope of sadness. I was hurt, betrayed, and broken. I was so hurt anxiety attacks came back and it became harder to stop them. I was betrayed by the one person I thought I could rely on the most. I was broken to the point where I cried so hard my legs could not support the brokenness of my body. Instead of embracing my ripped up heart I pushed it deep down. So far down I thought that maybe if I didn’t see or think about it, maybe my wounds would just disappear altogether. Maybe if I blocked out everything that had happened and just forgot about it, it would all go away and I would be happy again. I just wanted to be happy again. If you feel this same way then please listen to me when I say that trying to forget doesn’t work. It never will because you will never forget. There will always be daggers in your heart from people who have put them there and they can never come out.

To answer your question, the biggest lesson I have learned this year is one word – acceptance. Being able to accept the choices that people have made will help you to move on. Acceptance doesn’t mean forgetting, because you never will. Think about it, who was the last person to hurt you? See, you will always remember. But by being able to accept the choices that people have made will help you to be able to accept that fact that it is okay to move on. Yes you are going to cry and you are going to feel like it will never get better but at these times you are only becoming stronger.

Although there will still be daggers through your heart, there will also be people that will lessen that pain. Through my daggers, I have become so much closer with the remaining family I have. Through my daggers, I have become closer with someone that I never thought would become my best friend. And through my daggers, Jesus has been able to shine a light through my heart that I never knew was there. When there are holes in your heart, decide how you are going to fill them. Through hate and bitterness or through acceptance? Because I promise you that if you learn to accept and move on, you are going to become so much stronger. What has come through your own daggers and how are you going to choose to face them?

Yours truly,

Miss H

But I will sing about your strength my God, and I will celebrate because of your love. You are my fortress, my place of protection in times of trouble. ~ Psalms 59:16

P.S I am always here to talk and my DMs are wide open. What are you waiting for?

Dear Miss Hillard,



Dear Miss Hillard,

So, I’ve been having a lot of problems with my relationship and I’m wondering if you could help me out. My boyfriend and I met a few months ago and our relationship was literally perfect. I knew God wanted us together. However, now I’m not so sure. His parents are extremely conservative and their values don’t measure up with my family’s values that I’ve grown up with. His parents don’t want us to date anymore and they’ve banned him from seeing or talking to me ever again. Also, my boyfriend will be going into the military next fall. Is this God’s way of telling me that I should take a new direction in life? Should I end things with him, or wait for him? Please help!



Dear Stuck,

Wow, this is like a modern day Romeo and Juliet! I would definitely purchase tickets to come see this plot line if it was a movie. However, it is real life and you have several important decisions to make. First off, I would like to address the issue of personal values. It sounds to me that although you would like to respect his parents values, it is also crucial to stick to your own values as well. You need to remember that you are dating your boyfriend and not his parents. Although, they do have tendencies to get in the way of many relationships. I suggest knowing and establishing you and your boyfriend’s values together as these ones are the most important. After you have done that, look at both of your parents values and maybe try to compromise on some. For example, if his parents think that kissing should not be allowed before marriage, try suggesting that you will abide to that if you can incorporate some of your own values in. You could do this by saying you will wait to kiss until you are engaged. By compromising you are not fully getting your own way but you are also choosing to respect his parents which will become very important in the future. Now, about his parents banning you two from seeing each other, my question to you is why? What is their reason for doing that? Because I promise you there is a sole reason that they would do that to you two especially if you think that God wants you two together. Once you are able to figure that out, try to make a solution where both parties are comfortable with the situation. Now, hopefully the reasoning is not a hate towards your parents like Shakespeare wrote about, instead it may be something that you can fix. For example, they may have thought you were being too physical or spending too much time together ect. The next thing you need to do is compromise. If you truly love him and want to make the relationship work and have his parents trust you it is so important that you are able to humble yourself before them. This will show his parents that you are not just in the relationship to be in one. But that you truly care about your boyfriend as well as respecting his parents. Which I can see from your question that you are. However, if there is something holding you back or you can not, or do not want to abide by some of their rules, then it is time to reexamine your heart and where you stand with this boyfriend.

Now, if you have tried all of this and you still are not allowed to see him, I suggest that you do nothing. Yes, I said that don’t do anything. Time is an amazing thing that will allow everything to fall into place. Time will allow you to see if you honestly love him and can not live without him. Time will also allow God to send people into your life that can help you figure that out. Maybe a new man will come into your life that your never thought you could love anymore then you did your previous boyfriend. Sometimes, it feels like you have to make a decision with only one piece of the puzzle when you don’t see the whole thing. Take a breathe and a step back and let things fall into place because they will.

Lastly, pray about it. If God wants you two together, he WILL make it happen. Talk and open your heart up to God, and your path will become a whole lot clearer.

Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try and figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go, He’s the one who will keep you on track.”  ~ Proverbs 3: 5,6  – The message bible

I hope I was able to answer your question in a different perspective then what you are seeing right now. If I was not able to answer it fully and you still have more questions ( that includes anyone reading this) feel free to drop a comment down below or click on the askmisshillard Instagram link above and DM me. I would love to hear from you and feature your questions. ( all names and personal information is kept 100% anonymous)

Have a great day


Miss Hillard


Step 1

Often when you start something completely new, there’s a series of steps or instructions that follow. Maybe its a new recipe or phone that takes you about an hour to figure out. Or maybe its teaching your little person how to ride a bike or make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time. Writing a blog is different. There are not steps or instructions except for the annoying little excerpts that wordpress throws in to try and help you. There is not a series of steps you take to get your work out to people. Writing a blog is more like taking a handful of water and throwing it back into the ocean. You can take all the time in the world writing the perfect posts and content for everyone to read, but sometimes the water only goes so far. However, if one of those droplets does get picked up by the wind, there is not telling how far it could go and who it could reach. That is what I hope to do with this blog. Write all I can for all the people I can and take a deep breath and throw it out over the vast ocean of the internet and hope that it touches at least one person’s life.

Advice- When was the last time you needed advice and had no one to ask? Maybe you were scared a friend or family member would judge you for your problem. Ask Miss Hillard is a site where we are all friendly strangers. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. You can comment anonymously and I will post questions as well as advice on my blog. No matter what stage of life you are in, we all have our problems. Now yes, I am not a professional “advice- giver” or anything of the sorts but almost all of my friends and family come to me for advice. I figured that I could use this to help some other people out as well. I have my own views, stories, and opinions that may be very helpful to you. So, what are you waiting for? Boys, Girls, God, Drama, anything! I am here for you. Put your questions in the comments and you might be featured on my next post! I look forward to hearing from you and being able to help out anyone that I can:)

Lifestyle- Living a happy, healthy lifestyle is two words that are so hard to do. In these types of post I hope to lift you up, encourage you, and make your life easier overall. Maybe this will include hacks, ideas, or DIYS. I also sometimes enjoy to sit down and write about my day or how I’m feeling- almost like a diary but not so cliche. Keep a lookout for these types of posts.

Beauty- Last but not least, beauty. The very thing that defines us all. Beauty and I have a love hate relationship. I love all things makeup, hair, fashion, nails, you name it. I love the way beautiful can make me feel. I love expressing who I am and how I look with beauty. But, I also hate it. I hate what I try to be with beauty. I hate that it makes me compete with other people but still I am never enough. I hate the beauty standards and what girls feel like they should look like. I hate that beauty can have me smiling in front of people with my new highlight to crying myself to sleep at night because I can’t find an outfit that is ” good enough.” I can never be ” good enough” even though I am enough. But that’s what beauty does. It changes the way you think and act and can manipulate your emotions. Not on here. With these post, I am here to uplift you and make you feel enough. I want to make you feel valued and beautiful. I hope to never post things that force you to live up to an impossible standard or compete with it.  Instead, I want to put things that inspire you and make you feel more confident with tips, ideas, reviews and more

Finally but most importantly, all of the glory goes to God. He is my healer and my deliverer. I would not be in the place or the person that I am today without him. God is real and he is here and I want to say that all of my work and writing is meant to glorify and honor him and only him. In no way am I doing this to glorify myself and that is why I am planning on keeping myself anonymous. I want to impact everyone I can and that is exactly what I plan to do.

Have an amazing day and I applaud you reading this far! Don’t forget to comment with any questions or ideas for new posts!

” Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success.” ~ Proverbs 15:22

-Miss Hillard